Hi! Are you wondering whether you can order a Soft Smile when you are not Dutch? Yes, of course you can.

You can look around on the website for the examples of works I made, since pictures say more than words. But I will give you a little information down here:

I am Carmen Groenefelt, a young Dutch artist and illustrator and Soft Smiles are my personal illustrations that I make in commission. You can order one for yourself, but it is even more fun to order one to give away. They are 13 x 13 cm and made with watercolor and fineliner on watercolor paper.

Soft Smiles are illustrations that celebrate beautiful, unique and special moments. With a Soft Smile you capture it just a bit more special than with a photo. Aaaand the good thing is that you can capture things you didn’t capture with the camera. For example the time you almost fell of a horse (uhu, that’s me).


How it works:

  1. Send me a message via ‘Bestel’
  2. We figure out what the work will be
  3. You see the work in progress and pay the invoice
  4. Receive your personal illustration

The sending within Europe is €11,95 for with Track & Trace. So that is €111,95 in total.

Do you have any questions? No problem! Just hit me up at info@carmengroenefelt.nl

Feel free to follow along:

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